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Black Dove Security Book 2

***Available Now***

Ethan 'Wolf' Whitefeather is a traditional man. After the trouble Black Dove Security had in Kenya, he decides to reconnect with his heritage back home in Montana.

What he finds is the land he grew up on is being threatened by oil tycoon, Gerald Moore. When Wolf and his uncle reject Moore's offer to sink derricks in exchange for a small fee, Moore sends in his company lawyer. Wolf doesn't expect the lawyer is Moore's own daughter, Yasmine, and he finds himself battling with his emotions. He's never been so attracted to anyone in his life.

With his emotions under fire, Wolf must decide between his ancestor's land and his heart's desire. But when family tragedy strikes, the decision is made for him. Wolf only hopes the woman who occupies his every waking moment doesn't get hurt in the crossfire.

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